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Introduction » MAGIC ROYAL WINE » Royal Green + 24K Rose


Royal Green + 24K Rose




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24K Rose:
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Royal Green + 24K Rose 


Are you already tired of the classic red, rosé or white wine?

Then this is the right time to taste something completely new and unique - something that is a world trend. Royal Green will conjure up your taste, bubbles and sweetness.

The delicious flavor of muscat and apple is presented in an exclusive, iconic and well recognizable bottle.


☆ Tasty

☆ Sweet

☆ Bubbly

☆ Elegant

☆ Wonderfull



A bright green sparkling drink with bubbles, a beautiful fruity taste of apples with a magical sparkle. Ideal for unforgettable events, excellent as an aperitif, for a wedding party, an engagement party suitable for desserts and also for the preparation of various cocktails - or just enjoy it yourself. It is uniquely unique.


TYP - sparkling, sweet


Serve. - cooled to 6 to 10 ° C


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